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It’s difficult to fathom, yes, but new restaurants are opening across the region during a pandemic. In every case they were concepts in the works before the March shut down across America. Construction and build outs continued. Now they are either open or about to open in the South Carolina Low Country.

Porter and Pig – If you’ve lived on the island for any length of time, then you probably know about Porter and Pig, a tiny pub in The Village at Wexford. It was very popular with the younger crowd and featured live music a few nights a week. Last year Porter and Pig was sold and a complete makeover got underway. The result is special. The result is something very different than really anything else on the island.

The new Porter and Pig on HHI is simply beautiful.

The new Porter and Pig is a meticulously dressed up gem of a space. It is now open. I had dinner there last week and loved it. I cannot wait to dig in to more goodies there. Click here to read our interview with the folks running the show, Tam Van Kirk and Austin Bradford.

Chez George’s Bistro and Bar – George Casalicchio paid some dues on the island before moving away. He moved back to the area with the intention of opening a classic French Bistro. His chef is Burns Sullivan who came to the area to work at FARM Bluffton. That’s a very short path to “I’d bet this is going to be really good.” in my book. This opening is a few weeks away. A month at most. I’m looking forward to it. See their preliminary menu here.

Lot 9 Brewery, Bluffton – Lot 9 is a brand new brewery (just opened last week) off of Red Cedar Drive. The tap room is welcoming, the branding is in place. This is a good looking space to enjoy some very well made beers in Bluffton. Food? Food trucks are parked outside and rotate daily. The guys have big plans for Lot 9 over the next 5 years. If this first attempt at beer is an indication, it is going to be a hit. A big one.

Lot 9 Brewing Company in Bluffton

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