Bahel Restaurant

There are some things in life a woman just loves to do with her best friend.  For me, sharing professional milestones, funny family tidbits and laughs about who had the craziest week while eating a delicious meal is priceless.  This month it is my turn to hit the highway to head North to Atlanta where my palette is anxious to dive into some Ethiopian at the Bahel restaurant on Briarcliff Road.   A little bit of research revealed that I should keep my meals throughout the day light because there would be plenty for me to consume at Bahel.


Set inside a busy shopping center area, once you cross through the doors of the restaurant you forget about the heavy traffic and parking issues because the atmosphere in the restaurant is beautiful.  The walls are covered with cherry wood, paintings and authentic pieces of art from Ethiopia.  We are quickly seated and handed a menu but I am distracted by the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen.  Our waitress was so accommodating as she educated us on Ethiopian culture and helped us narrow our choices based on my zeal to be adventurous today.

The mark of a great, authentic restaurant for me is a combination of people who represent the culture, how the restaurant is accented with wonderful conversation pieces from the homeland and MARVELOUS food, of course.  Here, we get the bonus of listening to traditional African music while eating yebeg tibs (chunks of lamb in a spicy, clarified butter called niter kibbeh with onions, pepper) and kitfo (minced beef, with mitmita and niter kibbeh) which was scrumptious!  The meat was incredibly tender cooked with wonderful spices that rest in a sauce on a huge plate of injera, a porous, mild tasting bread that you can use to wrap your food or dip in the sauce…I did both.  In keeping with most African customs, we ate free of utensils, enjoying the wonderful service and yet another opportunity for friends to have a good time over a delicious meal.  This was more than dinner, it was a phenomenal experience.

3125 Briarcliff Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Monday-Thursday  9:00am-11:00pm
Friday-Sunday  9:00am-12:00am

Written by Jewel Daniels

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