Eat Squad Bios

Meet the Eat Squad! Our cadre of seasoned foodies – many of whom also know their way around a wine cellar – watches out for your wallet and your palate by steering you to the good stuff and away from the bad on the South’s restaurant scene. Eat Squad members pay for their own meals and do not notify restaurants in advance.


When your two uncles fish for a living in Chesapeake Bay, you learn about good seafood early. For Kristin Davis, the food interest is generational: her father and twin brothers are in restaurant management. Kristen fell in love with Savannah while at Georgia Southern, and now teaches math at Hubert Middle School. But the relative newlywed’s leaving the wine reviews to others: “While I did just go to the Hilton Head Wine Festival, I’d really just rather pop open a beer.”


Business and pleasure travel has taken Todd Williams to 35 countries, so when he evaluates Middle Eastern or French cuisine locally, he knows how it’s supposed to taste. He developed an early passion for fine wine and a somewhat later one for sailing. He lives in Savannah “because I can” and loves the local music scene. He’s an enterprise risk management consultant – “which means my parents don’t know what I do.”



Scott WaldrupScott Waldrup might be the young but he is certainly no stranger to good food and good wine.  While studying at the University of London, he traveled extensively through Europe and its famous wine regions.  Having made good use of his Theater Degree (note the sarcasm), Scott has worked in the food industry for ten years and is a Certified Sommelier…which makes us wonder if he started drinking at the age of 12.