A.Lure is a silly name for such a lovely restaurant. Perhaps it is my penchant for punctuation that forces me to dislike the restaurant’s marque.  Perhaps it is the feeling that I am somehow missing out on the pun or joke, and I greatly dislike that feeling.

I excitedly sauntered in to A.Lure on Martin Luther King Day for a late dinner.  My dining partner and I immediately doubled the guest count in the restaurant.  Needless to say, our server seemed very happy to see us.

We sat in a corner booth where we could survey the wonderfully re-modeled space.  Having spent many an evening in the space’s pre-A.Lure manifestation, both my guest and I were amazed with the interior.  Every curve and corner is well utilized.  It is a beautiful place to enjoy a nice meal.

Our server happily greeted us tableside, offered water, and excellently presented the five – yes, FIVE – daily specials.  We ordered cocktails to start, with a promise of wine to accompany the meal.

CevicheMartiniFirst impression of the menu: WOW.  A.Lure’s menu is quite expansive.  Many different proteins are presented across a range of styles.  Starters, small bites, entrées, and desserts too numerous to name caused my mouth to water vigorously.  My guest and I are not light eaters.  If we go out for the evening, we make it an event – in this case, a four-course event.

The Ceviche Martini ($13) was outstanding.  Tasmanian Salmon in a creamy, coconut mint sauce finished with red onion, sweet pepper and lime – I will happily park myself at the bar on a hot summer day and order this dish again and again.

FoieIt was our second course that brought the evening’s highlight to the table.  Foie “a la mode” ($18) – this quirky and fun dish couldn’t have been more delectable. Seared foie gras, served with an ingenious white truffle black pepper ice cream, pomegranate reduction, and pineapple chutney over a grilled Krispy Kreme frickin’ donut!  Holy happiness on a plate.  I have a tendency to overuse onomatopoeias in my everyday speech; the correct selection for this dish would be, “WOWZABOOZAYUMMMMM!”  My companion’s selection of the Pig’s Ear Salad special ($13) was somewhat disappointing.  The smorgasbord of blood orange, pork, and goat cheese, just didn’t seem to mesh, and the plate’s leftover artisan lettuce proved a stark contrast to the essentially lick-cleaned white plate that had once been occupied by the aforementioned ‘foie de resistance.’

A brief intermission provided the perfect time for perusing the wine list, a list that is, frankly, disappointing.  Bottles too frequently found in the rest of Savannah’s ‘fine-dining’ establishments dominate the list at incredibly high prices.  Of the thirty or so wines on offer, I deemed two to be interesting, and none to be particularly well priced.  Stick to cocktails here, folks.

A special of Lamb Loin and Belly ($35) proved an excellent choice for my entrée.  Beautifully presented with butternut squash, a split pea coulis, garlic smear and confit of golden raisin and brussel spouts, this dish was delightful.  While my date’s Scallop Entrée ($31) was tasty, it seemed to grow in salt content throughout the meal.  What started as pleasing Asian-inspired fare quickly began to conjure images of Lot’s Wife with each successive bite.

A Crème Brulee du jour ($8) completed our meal: White Chocolate and Chambord.  It was…fine.  Nothing to write home about, but certainly not a bad way to end our A.Lure-ing meal. (See what I did there?)

Overall, our experience was lovely.  The service was excellent from the moment we walked in the door.  Emory, our server, was informative, honest, and charming – the three best traits a server can possess.  Dinner for two – four courses, cocktails, and a bottle of wine – evened out to $100 a person, excluding gratuity.  Certainly not an everyday restaurant, A.Lure is a great place to celebrate a special occasion, away from some of Savannah’s corporate juggernauts, with fresh, inspired southern cuisine… and cocktails.

Written by Scott Waldrup

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