These Odd Birds can Bake

I’m always amused at the island crowd the refuses to leave said island unless it’s absolutely necessary. Maintenance on your car?  Maybe a quick run to Sam’s or similar.  I do know there are some of you that aren’t afraid to cross that bridge to grab something to eat, and you are to be applauded.  Those of you who’d rather starve than go over the bridge, well, I’m here for your needs as well.  Even if I am rolling my eyes at you.

I am of the opinion that you can never have too many bakeries, particularly on an island that size.  I’ve made no secret of the fact over the years that I am a huge fan of Hilton Head Social-I think it is the island’s best bakery. I love what Sprout Mama Kim and her family are doing on the South End and I have enjoyed some of the bites at French Bakery in Shelter Cove as well as Harbortown Bakery and Cafe in Sea Pines. 

I don’t usually traffic in chains, but the bread program at Publix is excellent value.  I’m a big fan of all of it. 

Sweets though? It’s generally slim pickin’s out there, but now you have one more spot to Eat It and Like It. Trust me, you will.

Odd Bird Bakes is a small grab and go bakery production kitchen in the Village at Wexford.  They opened a few months ago now on the island, but have been growing their following from their Moss Creek location for the last-almost four years.

“That was an interesting time.” co-owner and baker Lesli Shelly told me a few weeks back.

You see, she and her business partner Lynn, friends for nearly 2 decades, had decided to ‘go for it’ and open a cafe.  Well, then 2020 happened, but they were already in the build out phase. They had to open. They did so in September of 2020.  We all remember that.

The goods were great.  Of that there was no question, but the location-as we said-was a challenge, and people just weren’t out and about as much as normal back then.  We all remember that too.

Still, there was growth. But it was slow.  Almost every time I’d see the ladies somewhere, I’d ask about their traction. “We are doing better, but it’s sooo slow.” was a good version of what I was told more than once.

Still, I knew that if enough people made the effort to find them, they’d be just fine.  Well, I guess you can say it’s going well, especially considering they’ve opened a 2nd location with an eye on hopefully developing a wholesale side of the operation.

Of course, I’ve chosen to invest this much time in sharing their story because their baked goods are absolutely fantastic. I’ve been noshing on goodies from Odd Birds for a few years now and there is not one thing I have eaten that I didn’t love.  Even the scones Lesli had during my recent visit.  Roasted White Chocolate Hazelnut scones.  I don’t at all refer to myself as  ‘scone guy.’ I could take ‘em or leave ‘em, don’t care.  But these were delicious.  While I was there she was making apricot and pistachio scones for the next day.

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

You get the picture, this is real deal handmade craftswomanship (my word) every single day.  And it’s fantastic.

The chocolate chip cookies are among the best I’ve ever had.  The blueberry muffins are maybe their most popular and they are simply perfect.

Have I gushed enough? Because I could go on all day here, as long as I have a double espresso with a splash of milk.  Which they can make for you too.

One thing to know about the Wexford location if you’d been to their cafe is that there are no sandwiches or seating in this location.  This is simply grab and go sweets and coffee.  Lesli says she’ll be getting into some bread soon. As soon as she finds some spare time.

So short term, go see the ladies at the Village of Wexford. You now officially have no excuse. There are no bridges involved. 

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

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