Savannah’s Brunch options on the rise

If you pay attention to the road as much as I do, then you realize the comings and goings of the good eats around here have come in phases and flurries. Some open, some close and the next thing you know, a friend will ask you if you’ve tried a particular new spot yet and you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.  It happens to all of us.  If you recall, last year at this time we were dealing with a flurry of restaurant closings.  They came pretty rapid fire. 

Fortunately, this year it’s all the opposite.  Some new spots have either come on the scene or expanded what they offer making the options for eating and liking around Savannah that much better. For example, we submit to you four new options for Brunch around town with a little bit of something for everyone.

Flora and Fauna – Starland District

This one has only been open roughly a month and has absolutely been the talk of the foodie town. For very good reason. Flora and Fauna is the new restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Back in the Day Bakery. By day, it’s a scratch bakery and lunch counter offering everything from fresh baked sweets and breads to sandwiches, a salad and even a gazpacho on their last menu.  I’ve only had the baked bites-which are amazing-but I have had dinner at the Supper Club.  Exceptional value at three courses for $55.  But for brunch? This spot is and instant hit. Just ask anyone who has been.

Goody’s Savannah

Brought to you by the same folks behind Bull Street Taco, Goody’s is a new-ish breakfast and lunch counter at Bull and 34th Streets.  They close every day at 3pm, but there are two different menus during the day.  A breakfast menu to include scratch biscuits and other breakfast goodies, and a lunch offering.  The Willard is their burger, more Patty Melt than burger, but delicious either way.  Weekdays they are doing grab and go sausage biscuits and breakfast burritos if you are in a hurry.  A perfect spot for a simple brunch any day of the week, except Sundays, when they are closed.

Chicken Biscuit at Goody’s Savannah

Sweet Patricia’s Italian Bakery

Sweet Patricia’s has become popular for a lot of things at the corner of Habersham and 34th streets, biscuits and breakfast is another if it isn’t already.  I stopped in for a biscuit sandwich recently and was simply blown away by how good it was.  Andria makes the biscuits from scratch on weekends, you can get them solo or in a sandwich. Mine (pictured above) was simple bacon, cheddar and chive egg.  It is large and delicious. Their brunch menu also features pancakes, spicy pulled pork and fried eggs and those same biscuits with their house made sausage gravy.  Saturdays and Sundays 9am-1pm.

Poe’s Tavern Savannah

Down on MLK, Junior Blvd just before you reach the river you will find, Poe’s Tavern. Already popular for their burger menu, they just recently launched a Brunch menu. It’s a small menu, maybe 4-5 items to start, but I have to say, what I had I enjoyed, very much so.  The Shrimp and Roasted Garlic with Gouda Grits are homemade and delicious. The Chai French Toast will be the star of the show there.  Wonderful as well.  Nothing hyper-pricey either. I think the most expensive dish on there was $16.50.  Which is more than fair for Brunch downtown.  They open at 10:30am.

Chai French Toast at Poe’s Tavern

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