Savannah Woman Creating Edible Art – but it’s not what you think

Sometimes the best ideas happen by accident. I think we could agree on that, right? Now we can add another blossoming success story to that list.

“I was at a gathering during the shutdown last Summer. A lot of people had brought some cheeses. I just made it look good.” she says.

The she in this instance is Sara Cox. Savannah native, F&B Industry veteran. She’s cooked in some restaurant kitchens, her dad was a manager at Spanky’s Southside for 15 years. She’s done the long, brutal hours. She knows the ropes.

That may be why she has a 9-5 office gig in the Wet Willie’s Corporation now. Clearly Sara is no fool, but she does still have talent. And it’s on display every time she puts together one of her increasingly famous ‘boards.’

“I’ve been getting more and more busy lately.” she says.

After that first time a few months back that she created her charcuterie work of art, she says her friends kept asking her to make another and another and another. A look at a couple of her photos and you can certainly see why. She’s taking something as simple as a series of meats, cheeses, breads and dips and making it something you’d be proud to have as a centerpiece of a social occasion.

SaraNdipity Fare is the name of her side gig. It’s gone so well, she’s now expanded a little bit to holiday cookies and bread boxes as well as take and bake cookies.

“I’m doing it all mainly nights and weekends after I get home from work.” she says.

The concepts are pretty simple if you enjoy entertaining. You make the call, tell Sara what you’d like on your board or in the box and she makes it happen. You pick it up and put it out on the table for your event. Granted, social gatherings this month are not what they normally are, but there are people perhaps inviting a neighbor or two over for holiday cheer or for an office lunch.

We know this because Sara has come to the realization that sleep may in short supply until after Christmas. Meanwhile, the possibilities going forward are endless.

Enter the Brunch Board.

“We are getting our bagels from Midtown Deli.” She says. “Cream cheeses as well.” From there she is adding sausage, bacon, cheeses or perhaps an array of fruit. It all depends on what you are looking for at brunch. Oh and she’s flavoring cream cheeses as well in any number of different flavors.

“We’ve even done S’mores cream cheese.” She says.


Brunch Board

Sounds like all you need are 6-8 ladies piled into an Air BnB for a bachelorette party and bottomless mimosas and you’ve got built in customers. Woohoo!

“That’s the idea. To make it as easy as possible for people looking for something like that.” She says. “We’ve even done sweet boards with Cinnamon rolls and waffles.”

There are a lot plans and hope for the future, but as we mentioned right now she’s knee deep in the holidays. She’s partnered with another local independent baker to create ‘take and bake’ cookies. You buy a box of cookies, bake them at home and then decorate with your kids. A short cut to the more traditional way of baking holiday cookies but these days everything is about convenience, isn’t it?

A lot of parents would love to bake and decorate cookies with their kids this season. This cuts that process in half.

Sara Cox

Her holiday boxes make great gifts too. For a co-worker, a teacher or anyone else in your life.

“Doing something like this has always been a dream of mine.” Sara admits. Clearly, it took something like 2020 for her to finally go for it.

There is no website to browse. Only Facebook and Instagram, an email address and a phone number. This is how you reach Sara.

SaraNdipity Fare
(912) 441-0163

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