The Angry Vegan

I consider myself a man of the people. Sensitive to the thoughts and concerns of our viewers. The letter I read on the air came to us last summer. There were already plans for an episode about Vegetarian and Vegan options, but we thought it would be a great time to share it with all of you.

We will very likely be doing a little more with this type of food before the end of our season late May. In the meantime, here are the spots we visited.

Butterhead Greens

Butterhead Greens has been there for a few years now. Often overlooked by the lunchtime crowd in Savannah, it is a great spot for excellent sandwiches and soups. Vegetarian or otherwise. It just happens to be that they have an exceptional variety of possibilities when it comes to meatless meals.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen 

We discovered Ethos, frankly, by accident. There are no shortage of places all over the South that can offer you great Vegan food. This concept is just bizzare. “Vegan food for fat guys” as Kelly Shockley liked to call it. It works. The food is tasty, the atmosphere is fantastic. Most importantly, the menu is huge. There is a ton of variety there. My favorite was the Samson Black Bean Burger.

Kayak Cafe

Kayak has two locations in Savannah. A great spot for salads and sandwiches. Not everything is vegetarian, but they do put a lot of time and effort into their selections that are.

Obviously in Savannah, those who know, already know. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market and The Sentient Bean are the most popular spots in town for vegetarians and vegans.

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