Random Ruminations for January 25th

  • We can now officially share the names of the contestants in our Iron Chef 2014 Competition.  We will have more in the next few days, but the participants are: Chef Christopher Adgate of Belford’s Seafood and Steaks.  Chef Kirk Blaine of Driftaway Cafe.  Chef Cameron Cheney of B. Tillman.  Chef Seth Musler of Betty Bombers.  Each of these chefs have a great background story.  Look for it this week.
  • Iron Chef?  What is this Iron Chef business you speak of?  Just in case you missed all the fun last year, click here for a look at Iron Chef 2013 February 23rd at the International Trade and Convention Center at 12:30pm, as part of the Southern Women’s Show.
  • I heard back from the folks working with Celebrity Chef Hugh Acheson on “The Florence” coming to One West Victory.  I am told they are still looking at “around April 1” but they added they like to “under promise and over deliver” so clearly this is a fluid situation.  I will keep you posted.
  • The build out continues for Savannah Coffee Roasters on West Liberty Street in Savannah’s Historic District.  I haven’t seen any drawings yet, but this promises to be one magnificent coffee shop.  Plus, with all the roasting going on in the back, the neighborhood with undoubtedly smell amazing.  Lori Collins, owner of Savannah Coffee Roasters, has shared their new logo with the world this week.  Keeps the same look but with a modern feel.  Love it.
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  • Speaking of doings, All Things Chocolate in Richmond Hill is a treasure chest of sweetness.  They’ve now officially expanded from their 1,100 square foot space to an 8,500 square foot building.  Read more about it here.
  • Restaurant Week is upon us.  Three courses $30   Tough to beat that at some of the best restaurants in and around Savannah.  So many great ones, but Alligator Soul, Garibaldi, Aqua Star (at the Westin Savannah Harbor), and Belford’s would be my first choices.  Since you asked.
  • Chances are you never got to enjoy some of the best food in Savannah.  It was at The Sparetime on MLK.  Huh? What?  What is that? You ask.  The Sparetime was a bar/restaurant with an identity issue that was serving up some of the best food in town before they closed.  Well, if they were the best food in town, why did they close?  Well…that’s a whole other Dr. Phil.  However (as he gets to the point) the chef at Sparetime is now at 700 Drayton at the Mansion on Forsyth Park.  James Levins is a Sous Chef there, but it can only enhance the product.  Trust me on this one.
  • For years we were told coffee dehydrates you.  Apparently not.
  • Not too early to be talking about Valentines Day, is it?  Hunter Cattle Company is having a nice beautiful dinner under the stars.  Two nights to choose from Valentines Day weekend.  Those of you looking for something different might want to give this a look.  Click here for more information.
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  • Finally, this little piece of video about female chefs and women in the kitchen is a very interesting two minute watch.  Click here.

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  • jennyjag180@gmail.com' Jenny says:

    Enjoy your show and website. Thanks for turning us on to Belfords, we moved here over 5 yrs ago and heard bad things about poor mgmt and food so we never went. Well we did twice now and had great experiences and awesome food. Glad to hear about chef from sparetime.

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