Pacci Italian Kitchen and Bar Coming to Savannah

When I found out some time ago that Kimpton Hotels had purchased a property in Savannah, I lit up like a kid at Christmas.  I’ve had the opportunity to stay at Kimpton Properties once or twice upon a time, so I knew they were all about quality.  Savannah was getting a jewel down at the end of Bay Street where the Mulberry once stood.  Some time later we found out there was going to be an entire overhaul of the restaurant as well and some great things were headed to Savannah’s Historic District.  Well, now we know.

I played cat and mouse with a Twitter handle a couple of months ago, then it disappeared, so I had a feeling we were getting an Italian concept.  Well, Wednesday it was confirmed.  Pacci Italian Kitchen and Bar is one of Savannah’s newest restaurants coming this year.  Ironically, it’s being built at the same time Celebrity Chef Hugh Acheson is putting Together “The Florence” about 3 miles away at the One West Victory development.  In between them both is probably Savannah’s most popular Italian eatery Leoci’s Trattoria.   Double irony?  Two of these three properties have the same Executive Chef.  The new man in charge at Pacci?  Executive Chef Roberto Leoci.  We will have much more with Roberto as we get closer to their planned opening in May.

Pacci will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday, and will offer a special weekend brunch. A full web site with details will be launched prior to opening, and can be viewed at For more information, call 912-233-3002 or follow Pacci on social media at @paccisavannah or

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Photo courtesy of Business in Savannah



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