Ele’s latest: Current Kitchen and Cocktails

Update July 13 – Current Kitchen and Cocktails now open

Lunch Monday through Friday 11am-3pm  (12-3 on weekends)

Dinner Monday through Friday 5pm-1opm (5p-11p Friday/Saturday)


Ele Tran says Wilmington Island needed a playground. For the kids as well as the adults. What did she do? Having three children of her own? She’s built one.

When Ele Fine Dining came on the scene on the island, it was a welcomed addition. There wasn’t much in the way of fine dining on that island or any other in the area. She carved out her niche and did well.  As things have evolved across the area, Ele and her chef/husband Sean believed it was time for them to evolve too. As as result, it was out with the fine dining, in with the casual, laid back neighborhood spot to bring the entire family.

“We have great places to eat on the islands” Ele says. “We love Wiley’s, Lili’s and the others, but there was no place really to spend an afternoon.” “Or a spot that had a bar.”

The name is officially changed. “Current Kitchen and Cocktails” is the completely renovated spot on Highway 80. Indoor/Outdoor seating will be the name of the game here. With pergolas, a fire pit and swings (yes, swings) in the parking lot.

“We want a spot where you feel comfortable bringing your entire family for the day.” “The kids will be able to do s’mores and marshmallows with chocolate and the adults will be able to enjoy the day as well.”

A very brief overview of the menu, Ele says will feature lots of grilling. Of course, there will be burgers and more traditional fare, but you can expect anything they do to have that ‘Ele and Sean’ twist.

Current Kitchen and Cocktails will be the latest addition to the Ele and the Chef Restaurant Group. To go along with King and I, Fire Street Food, Flying Monk, The Vault and Chive.

Expected opening right now will be between July 1 and July 14th. We’ll keep you posted as well get closer.

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  • david_garrett@bellsouth.com' David Garrett says:

    Do you know how they will handle ele gift cards, Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. purchases?

    • jesse@eatitandlikeit.com' Jesse Blanco says:

      I would assume that they will honor them. Same owners. So you should check with them. That said, I would use them sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the less likely they will be to honor them.

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