20 Wines for $20

20 Wines for $20Once upon a time a long, long time ago, I drank red wine. Almost exclusively.  It didn’t matter if it was 40 degrees outside or 102.  I drank big, heavy reds. Cabs and Zins.  Zins and Cabs.  Then wine and I got to know each other.  You mean, I don’t need to drink this heavy stuff in the summer?  There are wonderful wines that are light, just as tasty and custom fit to a warm Southern summer day?  Well, hot dog!

Since then, I’ve taken to drinking wines seasonally.  In the Fall and Winter, I’m still that big red guy, but in the Spring and Summer (geez, ESPECIALLY in the Summer) I’ve taken to experimenting with Pinot Noir, and a grand variety of whites.  It’s amazing how much you learn about them when you gamble $20 on a bottle of something different.

I came across a column in the New York Times that explains about $20 being a magic threshold for wine.  Spend $9 you can find something drinkable.  Spend $20 and you can find something incredible, for the price of course.  Annnnnnd, you need to know where to look.

That said, here is their list of 20 wines for $20 that’s a good clip and save (or whatever the digital version of that is these days.)  Try any one of these this summer, I’m sure you’ll Drink It and Like It.


Let me know if you do.

See you on TV.


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  • kellylee78@hotmail.com' kelly says:

    It was great to see Gamay and Lambrusco get their due in this article. I’ve always loved them and as a wine broker, any positive publicity helps get them placed.

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