About Jesse

How many of you remember the days when we had three or four TV channels and you actually had to get up from your seat to change them? Show of hands please…

It was back in that day that I developed a curiosity about television news. 6:00pm would come around and my mom would say “get out of my chair and change the channel.” There was no other TV set, so I watched the news. A lot. And so a career was born.

Since those days, I have enjoyed a 19 year career as television news anchor. In that time I have reported on major stories like hurricanes, Super Bowls, Shuttle launches and a Presidential Inauguration. I have lived in places like Orlando, Fort Myers, Savannah, Nashville and even El Paso, Texas. More importantly, though, spending time in a variety of places has allowed me to experience and understand different people and different cultures. That would obviously include food…both cooking and eating.

It helped that I was raised in Miami along with a very, very large Cuban-American family where the genetic make up consists of food, drink, music, dancing, laughing, family, and friends. Toss in an insatiable desire to travel and explore and you get someone who is only happy being curious or learning and trying new things.

During the week, besides catching me on the nightly news, I participate in countless fundraisers and community events that take place in and around Savannah. On the weekend you’ll likely find me either tinkering with a new recipe or exploring something or somewhere with my family.  During football season, you’ll find me parked in front of a TV-glass of red wine in hand-cheering on my Miami Dolphins or Hurricanes. The Historic District of Savannah, Georgia is where I call home with my wife, Sheila, and our daughter.