What are We Thankful For? Well, A Lot Of Things…

We are about to get busy, aren’t we?  The holiday season will do that to you.  You get invited to pot luck lunches at the office, holiday gatherings for dinner.  You make your lists, check them twice, fight some lines at the mall, and traffic on the streets.  Some people get so stressed out by the holiday season that it sometimes makes you wonder why more people don’t just take a deep breath and relax a little.  Getting your shopping done early helps, right?  I thought that’s why Sam’s puts out their Christmas displays on Labor Day.  No?  Oh, my bad.  Sorry.

The holiday season actually signals a break for me, personally.   Once we get our Savannah Wine and Food Festival episode ready for air on December 15th, our television production arm will get some time off.  Shooting continues this season in early/mid January.  That gives me a moment to stop, collaborate and listen to my business partner, Senea Crystal, about all of the great things we’ve seen in this wonderful city this year and are extremely thankful for this time of the year.  Some of those things?  I thought you’d never ask…

  • Can we be any more thankful for Whole Foods coming to Savannah?  I heard someone say recently “that’s not a grocery store, it’s a foodie Disneyland.”   Ok, so?
  • Beignets at Huey’s on River Street.  Pretty real deal stuff right there.  You close your eyes and you can almost imagine you are sitting outside at Cafe DuMonde in the French Quarter.  I said almost, right Stacy Jennings?
  • I’m thankful for short lines at Leopold’s Ice Cream on Sunday evening.  When the weather is perfect, there are few places I’d rather spend a Sunday evening with a scoop or three.
  • Gyros at Al Salaam on Habersham Street.  I’m addicted.
  • Same goes for the calamari at Sapphire Grill.
  • I’m so thankful to WSAV for welcoming me with open arms during my Summer of transition.
  • We are thankful for the tremendous success of the first Savannah Food and Wine Festival.  Savannah responded.  The entire week was a tremendous celebration of our area’s growing food scene.
  • Similarly, we are thankful that talented chefs are finding their way here and setting up shop, doing their part to grow our food scene.  We see it more and more.  Next step is keeping them here.
  • I am thankful for the incredible amount of pride Savannah Native John Nichols takes in preserving and displaying this cities rich history at the Crystal Beer Parlor.  He’s told me he surfs E-bay in search of memorabilia.  He snaps it up and puts it up in the restaurant.  Makes for quite a museum.  Oh and the food is fantastic too.  That helps, right?
  • So thankful to our families for their unwavering support and just as importantly, all of you for reading.  Those of you that tell me you read this column “religiously” and watch our TV show with equal passion.  Your “keep on doing what your doing” comments are not lost on us.  We have every intention to.  But we know we’d be nowhere without your support.  So for that, we thank you.


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