Valentines Day in Savannah

Just in time for Valentines Day we get word that Savannah was ranked the 3rd most romantic city in America by Open Table, an on-line restaurant reservation service. Their criteria was pretty simple. Numbers of tables for two reserved, percentage of people responding to their survey as having had a “romantic dinner” and percentage of people who dined out for Valentines Day 2016. That’s it.

I’ve got to say that while I’m not surprised that Savannah was 3rd on the list, I am absolutely shocked that Oklahoma City was number one. With all due respect, huh?  We share the full list below.

A lot of restaurants in Savannah roll out special menus for that “Hallmark Holiday” when you know you are going to get slammed with guests dining out, it’s easier to trim down your menu and do fewer things well.  Collins Quarter is offering a special Valentine’s Day menu. As is 22 square inside the Andaz Hotel.

Just remember, whatever you decide to do, make a reservation, be patient and Eat It and Like It.

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25 Most Romantic Cities in America for 2017

  1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  2. St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Savannah, Georgia
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Brooklyn, New York
  6. Richmond, Virginia
  7. Charleston, South Carolina
  8. Kansas City, Missouri
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Baltimore, Maryland
  11. Charlotte, North Carolina
  12. Louisville, Kentucky
  13. Lahaina, Hawaii
  14. Portland, Oregon
  15. Scottsdale, Arizona
  16. Miami Beach, Florida
  17. Dallas, Texas
  18. Houston, Texas
  19. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  20. San Diego, California
  21. Nashville, Tennessee
  22. Indianapolis, Indiana
  23. Cincinnati, Ohio
  24. Chicago, Illinois
  25. Atlanta, Georgia



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