Update – Husk Savannah

Those of us that drive around downtown Savannah with any regularity can see that there has been a dramatic increase in the pace of work at 12 West Oglethorpe street, sight of the new Husk Savannah project. I caught up with chef Sean Brock last week at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival for a quick chat about the project. Give us some perspective on when we can expect their doors to open here.

If you haven’t followed along on the play-by-play, NDG (Neighborhood Dining Group) announced plans to open two near locations at the same time. Greenville, South Carolina and Savannah. Greenville is scheduled to open first. The excitement from Brock about Savannah, meanwhile, is pretty obvious.

“We are really excited about Savannah.” Brock said. “It will be our biggest Husk yet.” That’s saying something considering their flagship Charleston property sports a separate building for its bar, “Bar Husk.”

“The main ballroom area is going to be the bar (in Savannah)” he added. “It’s going to be huge.” How does that compare to their Greenville project? “Half the size.” he said.

Of course, the magic question is always “When?” We had hoped we’d see something later this year, but Brock tells me very early 2018 is far more realistic.

We will certainly keep you updated.

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