Troy Mediterranean Cuisine

It is a great privilege to live in Savannah with all of its history, beauty, and culture.  As locals, we rarely find the legends of the ancient Greeks before our familiar paths.  Clearly, I was pleasantly surprised to relive the legend of Troy; and duly note [dear reader] that if the legend of Troy does live on in our city, it is certainly at Troy Mediterranean Cuisine.  

I had been anxious about which spot to review this week. Meanwhile, I was aware that it would be no surprise to me where I’d end up tasting food.  I had been to Troy twice; both times with two of the most important people in my life – Stratton and Mary Leopold.  So, to relive the glory of many things good and Greek, I was pleasantly delighted to find myself enjoying dinner with one of the coolest Greeks in town – Stratton Leopold – last Sunday night.  

Nestled in a small strip mall on the Southside, Troy as a landmark doesn’t really stand out.  It is merely a diamond in the rough.  In fact, the ambience inside is simple and quaint with small touches of Mediterranean inspiration.  No white linens, no fancy tableware, just a simple space… a suitable stage for Troy’s food to play its heroic role.  We were quickly greeted by Cristo, our waiter, who immediately showed us to our table.  Like Jessica – Click here to read her latest review! – I too jump at the opportunity to dig into my neighbor’s plate.    Stratton was happy to humor me, and so we split a few items.  Where to start?  How about their featured Caprese Salad.

Troy’s Caprese Salad has its appeal set in the culmination of very fresh ingredients and the classic combination of basil, tomato, and mozzarella.  I enjoyed the fact that the buffalo mozzarella were generous medallions of fresh cheese.  The tomatoes were large, ripe, and freshly sliced.  The basil, fresh pesto, and dark balsamic reduction brought everything together! Ladies and gentlemen, this is sure to be a great start to your first meal at Troy.

Stratton ordered the braised lamb shank, mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.  The shank was braised nicely… though I personally like a little more sear on my braised meats.  The lamb had a pleasant note of oregano, and a hint of Demi-glacé reduction with red wine.  Click here for more on braising.

I had the pork kebabs.  I had been on a search to find some great kebabs in town; I had been continually disappointed until Troy.  These kebabs are truly my Achilles’ heel!  The pork has a nice roasted flavor from the grill that is offset by a sweeter balsamic glaze; and this balsamic glaze wasn’t too reduced or too sweet either.  What better way to enjoy kebabs but with some white rice and some wonderfully grilled asparagus?!  So far, soooooo good!

And though we were both reaching our “filled” marks, Stratton and I decided to split a baklava.  The man himself said it was delicious…and as a native of Puerto Rico, I may have to take his word for it.  My thoughts? The baklava is wonderful.  Perhaps a few more layers of phyllo may have been ideal but worth it nonetheless!

In hindsight, I feel fortunate to have relived the culinary legacies of Troy.  The food has a tone of simplicity and freshness that clearly works to its advantage.  The service is prompt, polite, and attentive; and if your Achilles’ heel is lost amidst the many culinary delights of the Mediterranean, then I urge you to visit yet another of Savannah’s culinary gems – Troy.


Salad – Buffalo mozzarella tenderloin, heirloom tomato, fresh basil, pesto balsamic reduction.  Enough for two to share as light salad or appetizer. $9.95

Lamb Shank – Braised lamb, served over mashed potatoes and vegetables. $19.45

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Shish Kebab – Skewered pork loin topped with balsamic glaze, served over rice and sautéed asparagus. $12.95

Baklava – Traditional Turkish dessert of crispy phyllo dough layered with chopped walnuts and soaked with syrup. $5.95

 Written by Gustavo Alberto Arias

For more information about Troy Mediterranean Cuisine, click here.  And for more information about the Eat Squad, check out their bios here. 

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