The Art of the Donut


Thanks for joining us for a very special episode on donuts in our area. There are a ton of good ones out there and as is usually the case, we can’t fit them all into one 30 minute TV show. Good problem to have, I suppose. The locations we featured (and one bonus one at the end) are listed in the order they appeared. Keep in mind that A Squad Bake Shop doesn’t have a website. She does have a very active Facebook page and is active on Instagram as well.

Baker’s Pride – Savannah

Baker’s Pride is a Savannah institution. So many of us have been stopping in here for years. Many many years. The Lang family tells us they have made cakes for generations in the same family. Mom brings daughter, daughter has child, child has children. All in the Baker’s Pride family. Their donuts are pretty straight forward. Nothing really fancy about them. But they are delicious.

Duck Donuts – Hilton Head Island

Duck Donuts is a chain, as we mentioned in our episode. We don’t typically feature chains, but the craze over these fresh made to order cake donuts is just off the hook on Hilton Head Island. Through the winter they’d only been open 6:30am until 1:30pm. Now they are open until 7pm. Gotta try ’em soon. They are located in the Fresh Market Shopping Center on the island.

A Squad Bake Shop – Savannah

The best donuts you’ve likely never had. Period. Natasha Gaskill doesn’t have a traditional store front. She bakes in a tiny room behind her house. Mostly wedding cakes and special orders. Fridays and Saturdays she delivers donuts to Smith Brothers on Liberty Street downtown Savannah, PERC Coffee on Broad Street in Savannah, The Collins Quarter at the corner of Bull and Ogelthorpe in downtown Savannah. That’s it. And only a few dozen as well. When they are gone, they are gone for the week. No choice on flavors either, you get whatever she makes that weekend. Trust me, make a point to grab yourself one. You won’t regret it.

You can watch the entire episode (commercial free) by clicking here.

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