Thanksgiving Eve is a Thing…

It’s a true story. Thanksgiving Eve is a thing. So popular in fact, that in some cities law firms get together to offer free rides home. Local bars and restaurants that sell a good bit of alcohol count the day among their busiest of the year. Yup. Right up there with New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.

The premise is simple. 5 minutes of research will tell you that anywhere between 40 and 50 million people will travel over the holiday weekend. Airports are jammed. Roads are clogged. We know this. People are going home for the holiday weekend. Well, once they get there, they kiss mom or grandma, settle in perhaps for a beer with dad. The momentum stems from all of the people you’ve known your whole life doing the same, then very quickly getting bored. “Surely I’m not going to sit here all night watching bad TV with my family, right?” they say. “That’s what Thanksgiving is for.” One text leads to another, next thing you know, everyone is out at their favorite hometown watering hole. Probably for the first time in 365 days. Can’t say I haven’t been there myself.

There are any number of amusing articles about returning home for the holiday weekend out there. Heck, some college kids, I’m sure even named it. Blackout Wednesday.

Go ahead. Throw it a google. It’s a thing.

In the meantime, if your choice of watering hole has, uhhhh, evolved just a bit from “What kind of beer do you have for $3?” to perhaps something a little more, adult?  Here’s a good read about bartending versus mixology and the desperate need for the former this weekend.  There is a difference, besides $20.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend.

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