Ten Under $10

As we always do with putting together episodes of Eat It and Like It, we had a great time.  Not only mapping out who would make the cut, but meeting the wonderful people around town that bring you some wonderful and sometimes underrated food.  In Season 2, “Ten Under $10” was one of our most popular episodes, so we decided to bring it back, tweak it, freshen it up and present it to you in a whole new light.

We said it last time, we’ll say it again, this is not a ranking.  How do you compare a slice of pizza to a handmade British meat pie?  You can’t.  It’s apples and oranges.  So we in no way attempted to rank these 10 great spots for a bite.  It’s just a list that-if you make the list-we know you will Eat It and Like It.

Eat It and Like It –Ten under Ten is a hit and run type of show.  We mention six spots to try and spend the rest of our thirty minutes meeting the people behind the other four.  From sandwiches, to late night fare to meat and threes to those handmade pies.  Diversity is the key and in Savannah, we’ve got it.

Joe’s Homemade Café –Ted Paskevich and Don Holland are two men behind Joe’s. Located in Savannah’s hospital district. It all happened by accident.  Ted tells me “If you had offered me a million dollars to open a restaurant, I’d have said no thank you.” “Now here I am with the restaurant and I didn’t get the million dollars.”

Sisters – You may remember them as “Sisters of the New South”  Well, they dropped the latter part of their name and are now known as Sisters.  Three locations in and around Savannah turning out some of the best “Sunday Dinner” type food around.  Certainly for the price.  It’s not uncommon to get a meat and 2-3 sides with cornbread for a lunch special at $5.99.

Betty Bombers –Betty Bombers is a diner type place located inside the American Legion Hall on Bull Street 1 block south of Forsyth Park.  The owners are two guys with fine dining backgrounds who decided to open a place with foods “that chefs” eat.  A hidden gem.  Take the time to find them.

Pie Society –Edward and his ‘Mum’,Gill Wagstaff, moved to this country from England in January 2013.  Six weeks later they opened Pie Society.  Handmade, from scratch British pies.  Sure there are traditional dessert pies, but the meat pies are turning heads.  A good many pubs in the area are ordering from Pie Society to sell in their establishments.

Spudnik –Baked potatoes on Broughton Street.  No frills, no hype.  Just baked potatoes topped with things like breakfast, Mexican food and Greek cuisine.  Show up hungry.

Kayak  Kafé–Kayak is a Savannah staple right in the heart of downtown and the shopping area on Broughton Street. Great salads, tacos and paninis are the name of the game at Kayak.  They serve beer and wine, but that doesn’t count on the $10 scale.

Back in the Day Bakery–Savannah’s most popular bakery hands down does some great sweets.  They also have great handmade sandwiches on their homemade breads.  Just make sure you save room for dessert.

Vinnie Van Go Go’s–Vinnie’s is a Savannah pizza institution.  If there is a knock on them it’s that they can sometimes serve undercooked pies because they are so slammed all the time.  Especially on weekends.  Make sure yours is crispy and prepare yourself for one of the best slices of pizza south of Union Square.  Cash only.

Zunzi’s – Zunzi’s another Savannah institution serving up some fantastic sandwiches and plates.  The Conquistador has gotten some love nationally on Travel Channel, but their meatloaf sub and salmon are not to be overlooked.

K Bella Gourmet Carry Out–K Bella is a gourmet to go spot on Whitemarsh Island.  Wonderful dishes you can eat there or take home.  If you get a chance to say hello to Kristen, do so.  She’s a firecracker in addition to a great cook.


Eat It and Like It launched in Savannah, Georgia with television personality Jesse Blanco as the host. His passion for food and travel has made Eat It and Like It a two-time EMMY nominated program about contemporary and traditional Southern food.