Super Easy Eats for the Big Game

Watching the big game alone or with just a friend or two? It’s hard to justify spending all weekend preparing a training table full of dishes for just a few fans. Here are some simple ideas for low-prep snacks. Rest assured they’ll eat it and like it.

Peachy Arnold Palmer (beverage) – To one gallon of cold water, mix in one packet each of instant lemonade powder and peach tea powder (each designed to make a 2 quart pitcher). Add rum if desired.

Easy (and a bit healthier) poppers – Apply plastic gloves to protect hands, if desired. Trim the stems off of fresh jalapeno peppers. Halve them the long way and de-seed with a spoon or knife. Smear each half with a Laughing Cow cream cheese wedge. Wrap each half with a piece of packaged pre-cooked bacon which has been brought to room temperature. Secure with a toothpick if necessary. Bake on lightly greased cooking sheet until bacon reaches desired crispiness. Because the bacon is already cooked, these can be ready in a hurry.

Steamed edamame (in their shells) -Supermarkets make this incredibly easy. Find them in the frozen vegetable section. Microwave-steam them in their bag, dump in a bowl and sprinkle with coarse salt. You’ll need two hands to help coerce the beans out of their pod and into your mouth, so you get the two-handed motion of eating wings without the grease and mess.

Veggies and pimento cheese – Pick up one of those pre-cut mini-carrot and celery trays in the refrigerated produce section. Then head to the deli section for Palmetto Cheese (of Pawley’s Island, SC). This pimento cheese is a little more zesty and tangy than the kind you grew up with. Try the jalapeno or bacon varieties for a kick-up version. Let it soften at room temperature for easier veggie dipping. If you’re concerned about double dipping, spread some onto celery sticks ahead of time in advance.

Hummus – The hummus industry is gunning hard to become a favorite among football fans. Decide for yourself if it’s worthy of becoming a Super Sunday staple. Grab a bag of pretzel crisps or sea salt pita chips in the deli for dipping. But of course raw veggies or crackers will work as vehicles, too. If you’re new to hummus, start with the original flavor, but rest assured that pine nut and roasted red pepper are also delicious. So much better than potato chips and canned bean dip!

Three ingredient cookies – A cup of peanut butter, a cup of sugar and an egg is all it takes to make easy (and gluten-free) peanut butter cookies. Roll into balls and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Done!

If all else fails, pick up the phone and call your local pizzeria. I hear that Roma in Bloomingdale is open on Sundays now and they deliver!

Elizabeth Christmas
Eat It and Like It

Photo by Culinary Colleen

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