Smoked Turkey with Big Green Egg and Pride Pools and Spas

Smoked Turkey3

Every October or so, maybe around the time we start to feel the pinch of Fall in the air, I start to think about Thanksgiving and what, if anything, we will do differently at my home. My wife and I have an agreement when it comes to the holidays, she does 90% of the cooking for Thanksgiving, I do most of the heavy lifting for our annual Christmas Eve Party at my home.

There are about as many roasted turkey recipes out there as there are grains of sand at the beach. I feel like I have tried hundreds of them. I probably haven’t, it just feels that way. A couple of different things I haven’t tried are deep fried turkeys (it may be a while on that one) and a smoked turkey. Considering I became an owner of a Big Green Egg this year, no better time to try a smoked turkey than right now.

I love a good brine. In my book they are the way to go with smoking a turkey. I have worked with them on other items in the past, but this was my first attempt smoking a full blown turkey.

The brine I am using was created by my friend Chef Kevin Rathbun in Atlanta. You can find his recipe and his method right here. It’s a fantastic brine and a very easy process to execute on your Big Green Egg.  So make sure you have some beer, fire it up and enjoy! A quick by the way, Chef Kevin has a few restaurants in the Atlanta area, I can’t recommend his steakhouse enough. My goodness is that place good.

In the meantime, join us at Pride Pools and Spas Saturday, November 21st from 11am until 2pm and get a free taste of how mine turned out. Look for the Big Green Egg tent and the smoke plume! I promise you will Eat It and Like It!




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