Slowing down the Eating and Liking?

You know, I debated about this one.  We are Eat It and Like It…Not diet and like it or lose weight now….ask me how and like it.   Healthy lifestyles are encouraged.  But the reality is, most of us indulge over the holidays.  It is what it is.  Then about this time of the year we find ourselves trying to figure out where those extra 7 pounds came from.  With all of that as a backdrop, I came across a really good list of weight loss tips.  Every, it seems, has a list these days.  I happened to read one this morning I thought was pretty good.  Detailed and most importantly realistic.  (I don’t know anyone that will eat oranges and grapefruit for a month to lose those stubborn inches).

Here it is…enjoy.    We resume tasting the finest of what the South has to offer shortly.  Thanks.



CLICK HERE FOR Back in the Day Bakery’s Banana Pudding Recipe

Either way….Happy New Year from all of us at Eat It and Like It.



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