Sriracha Fever!

I just don’t get it.

My memory is terrible, so please forgive me, but about 2-3 years ago the world went nuts over that red bottle with the green tip.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known about Sriracha for years, obviously.  I’ve used it in plenty of recipes.  It’s a wonderful flavor.  However, not long ago, it started showing up everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.   You couldn’t escape it. People were putting it on everything!  This sandwich, that sandwich, hot dogs, burgers, donuts, corn flakes!  Enough already.  (Well, maybe not donuts and corn flakes, but it wouldn’t surprise me given that I knew a girl in Texas who refused to eat fresh cut watermelon without chili powder on it).  Sheesh.

Remember the great Sriracha shortage of 2013 last month?  It’s still an issue.  I think there are people walking ledges all over America.  Exaggerating as only Americans do.  Quick, if you find it, buy cases of it, stick them in your basement and await the end of days!  Maybe you can squirt some in a zombie’s eye to get away if it comes to that.

And now since you will have a surplus of the stuff, you can use it on your breakfast or oatmeal.  Yeah, Sriracha oatmeal.

It’s apparently all the rage!


See you on TV.

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