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It’s somewhat ironic how I’ll find myself obsessing over what restaurant to review next; only because I owe you readers a damn good review – one worth your well-earned trust and undivided attention. I owe you a review that will (hopefully) drive you to experience the mind-bending food I’m constantly on the prowl for. This week, some chef friends suggested I try the Schnitzel Shack in Rincon, Georgia. Yes, you heard right…THE Schnitzel Shack.

Word on Bull Street is that this “shack” features a marriage between German and Thai cuisine. The concept instantly gnawed at my curiosity and its backstory is very simple: the owners (husband-wife team) are from Germany and Thailand, respectively.

I drove out from downtown Savannah in search of this amazing meal… and 20 or so minutes later, I had arrived at the German-Thai foodie destination of the greater Savannah area. The restaurant is nestled in a small strip mall off Hwy 21 and the drive was a somewhat long one only because of the anticipation of indulging in a highly recommended spot.  Joining me was Daniel Gill, a friend and very talented grill “master” at Local 11ten’s kitchen.

As I walked in, I got the impression that I had just missed a party. The first thing I noticed was a very German bar that already screamed “Drink more bier.” The shelves were lined with a different glass for every beer; and let’s not forget the whole wall of steins. I’m sure they belong to their more frequent guests. It was fitting that the bar was also decorated with a few lines of party streamers. Festive enough, right?  Their dining room offers communal style seating; expect to make friends! 

Their beer selection is great for all you pilsner lovers. Unfortunately, I had to pass on the opportunity to imbibe as I had to work in a few hours and my intentions were always meant for me to have a quick lunch.

I ordered a combination plate ($22) that featured their famous Jäger Schnitzel along with their house made Paprikawurst (sausage). It all came with two sides; I chose the braised red cabbage and awesome spaetzle. (A quick side note: schnitzel is a german staple pork dish where the meat is tenderized, breaded, and fried. It’s usually served with a sauce or gravy.) My schnitzle was breaded and fried to perfection and topped off with a bacon-mushroom gravy. It was delicious, but I’d be lying if I told you that I tasted a shot of Jäger…or subtle hints of one. The Paprikawurst was juicy, tender, and intensely flavored with smoked sweet paprika. I loved the braised cabbage; it really carried the apple and spice flavors that are key to a great German braised cabbage.

Daniel ordered the Thai insipired Basil Schultzel ($16) where the schnitzel was topped off with a basil and sautéed pepper & onions in a soy based sauce. He went for the spaetzle and salad for his sided options.  We both enjoyed it, but we did think that the sauce was a little too salty.  Did I mention that their spaetzle rocks?  It’s nicely seasoned, and not chewy or over-cooked.  Make sure to try this!!!!

Just an FYI, my meal could have easily been split with another person but I happen to have been on a “food prowl mission.”  Daniel was pretty much caressing his belly by the end of his meal and I know for a fact that it sent him into a food coma.  His eyes – glazed over with this “1000 mile stare” – and his grin all but hinted that he just had a great food moment.  And yes, I was a pea in that pod as I too was pleasantly surprised.  So please do yourself a favor and check this shack out.  This place will be worth the drive and wait, if any.

Schnitzel Shack
6014 Hwy 21 S
Rincon, Georgia

Written by Gustavo Arias

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  •' David Rawlings says:

    The review above implies that Jager Schnitzel should have some relationship to Jagermeister liqueur. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.

    Jager is the German word for “hunter”. A hunter or “jager” sauce is a dark sauce made with mushrooms and often red wine. Knorr makes a dry packaged Jager Sauce. McCormick makes a dry packaged Hunter Sauce . Neither are anywhere near what you will find at a good German restaurant.

    Jager Schnitzel has been around a lot longer than Jagermeister liqueur which was introduced in Nazi Germany in 1934. Jager sauce is about the same as French chasseur (“hunter”) sauce. The story around the name is that the hunters would gather mushrooms on their way home from the hunt to be cooked with their game.

    There is also a recipe for a Hunter’s Stew….Jager eintopf.

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