Savannah Coffee Roasters

People just love their coffee.  My goodness.  Gotta have it, right?  I know I do.

Fascinating story that of Lori Collins, new CEO and Owner of SCR.  She moved here last year from Austrailia with her husband thinking about opening a cafe.  Well, in her studies and travels she found that Savannah Coffee Roasters may be available, next thing you know….boom.  She’s not only in the cafe business, but she is now knee deep in beans.  Make no mistake, she knows her stuff.  Arabica? Robusta?  Altitudes, old beans, new beans.  I got quite an education during my chat with her.  This will be no empty storefront on Bay Street.  Much like a wine shop owner will stop at nothing to educate his customers about differences between White Zinfandel and Cabernet, Savannah Coffee Roasters will be available to do the same thing once they get rolling downtown.

One thing I found particularly interesting was some coffee that is about to go overseas to our troops in Afghanistan.  Not the first time a local company has sent their product overseas to our men and women there, but this one I thought was pretty cool.  They’ve designed a special bag for it and are prepared to send a good bit when the 158th and 165th deploys next month.  Lori tells me she was told “we want to take as much coffee as we can stuff into this plane.”

A tiny taste of home for our troops.  Here’s a look at the label they created and a link to Savannah Coffee Roasters if you’d like to learn more about their operation.

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