Savannah Buds and Burgers Week

*TV voice on* Back for a 2nd go-round after a very successful run in 2016, Savannah Buds and Burgers Week is a great way to sample some great burgers in and around Savannah for just $8. *TV voice off*

Sounds like a TV ad, doesn’t it? Yeah, but in this case it all happens to be true. Restaurant Week has been so successful in years past that the organizers behind that expanded their portfolio for 10 days in the summer with some burgers and a beer. Some of the offerings are similar to last years, still others are new to the game, like Howlin’ Hound “If Chik Fil-A Made a Burger” Burger. How does that work? Fried house-made pickles, swiss cheese, creole horseradish aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion on a homemade bun.

No joke right there. Wow! You can also cast your vote for the burger you think is best.

Almost two dozen restaurants are participating this year. Not only downtown Savannah, but on the Southside, Pooler and much more. Why pay $12 or $13 when you enjoy one during this promotion for $8.

Savannah Buds and Burgers Week runs June 23-July 2rd. Click here for a full list of participating restaurants.

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