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Many of us travel to Athens at some point or another, especially if you are a football fan.  Now you’ve got another place you need to try.  Chances are you’ve heard of Hugh Acheson’s 5 & 10 restaurant in Athens, it is without question one of the best in town.  They’ve moved from their old location in Little Five Points to 1073 South Milledge Avenue in Athens.  The old spot (which was beautiful by the way) was for sale for a bit.  We can only assume there were no takers because it is now opening as Athens’ newest spot for Mexican food.  They are calling it:  Cinco y Diez.  (Spanish for 5 & 10) quite amusing.

Executive Chef Witney Otawka tells the Athens Banner-Herald she had always wanted to travel through Mexico trying it’s flavors.  She finally got to, ahead of the opening of this restaurant.  She’s calling Cinco y Diez a “Southern Restaurant with Central and Latin American flavors.”  Sounds like I need to put this guy on the short list.

Read more about it here.

Visit Cinco y Diez here…

Acheson is in the process of opening an Italian restaurant in Savannah called “The Florence.”  Expected opening around April 1, 2014.

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