Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp

Gerald Schantz has been cooking up great food all over town for dozens of years.   He’s been downtown, midtown, cross town and uptown (wherever that may be).   He decided not too long ago to set up shop out on the beach.  Tybee Island.  Perfect place for his laid back comfort food style.  Gerald loves to brag about his brisket and BBQ (which is very good)…..but his fried shrimp get my vote for some of the absolute best in town.  Very light dusted coating and perfect fry every time.   He’s a stickler for those shrimp too. If you spend 20 minutes at his place…you will hear “Only Georgia Wild Shrimp” about 200 times.  Gerald recently added beer and wine to his spot on the island.  Nice look outdoor bar too.  Come to think of it, the whole place is outdoors.  Here’s my quick Q&A with him.  Including why he decided to start his season in February.  It’s still kinda chilly out there.


Why February?  It’s chilly on the beach!

Gerald:   We were really only closed for a few weeks, and during that time we made some big improvements adding a bar and beer and wine service. Once the work was done we were anxious to get things going and work out a new system for the 2013 season. Tybee is becoming a Hot spot for people from the North Midwest. The Weather in Ws, Oh, SD, Montreal Canada and is deep in Snow so 50 & 60  Temps is warm, most of them wear shorts on the nicer days. also Tybee is nicer.  Also, February is great month for catering, catering is what my specially is. All stainless steel equipment, we can serve your group any where any time.

 What’s your most popular item?   Any new ones?

The Shrimp PoBoy is a favorite, and people love the BBQ.  One of the items added this year

Gerald Schantz knows fried shrimp.

Gerald Schantz knows fried shrimp.

is Tybee Stew, like Brunswick Stew, only with shrimp.  My answer to Brunswick Stew is Tybee Stew, why because this is Tybee, also the rumor that it is made with coyote is not true, Pork, Brisket shrimp,onion, corn, potato, green beens and what ever else is left over, add some Geralds BBQ sauce served with a couple of hush puppies and you have a Yummy in your Tummy.

3) How many beers and wines?   Do you think that will significantly help your business?

Miller light, Bud light Miller High life PBR Corona Yueng Ling Savannah Brown Tybee Island Blond.

Just Chardonnay
Just Cabernet
Pinot Grigio
Beer and wine choices may change with what  people want

Planning on a Spring beer/ wine/food tasting.  Already having walk up(and Bike up) stop for a cold one and end up having a meal. Repeat customers now Add beer or wine.  Beer with a BBQ  or Shrimp is as natural as sand on Tybee Island

How did you end up on Tybee Island?

Started out about Six years ago. Was going to build a full service  Restaurant, Ended up to Cost WAAy to much. Re Thought and came up with what you see now, A comfortable RoadSide joint that serves Good Eats. Working out of a Food Trailer. I think I might be the first if not only food Trailer  in Chatham county.

Being a native Savannian, Tybee memories go back to childhood, The car crossing the old Bull River Bridge, built like a erector set, thinking will we make it across or will the bridge fall in to the water. The creaks and moans the bridge made is what I most remember. Coming home, finding sand in everything and of course a glow from time spent in the Sun.

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