What is the Eat Squad?

Why the Eat Squad?

Well, someone’s got to do it, when it comes to restaurant reviews on a foodie site. But those of us behind eatitandlikeit.com crossed ourselves off the list early on.

When we started the company, we knew right off the bat we could not do restaurant reviews  We could not alienate the restaurant community. Plus, because I am well known as a news anchor (and please don’t take that as arrogance…it’s just comes with being on TV), I realized an argument could be make that I might not get the same experience as you.  It would not be a true representation of what a restaurant does on a daily basis.

Enter the Eat Squad. Think of them as “foodie spies.” They come from different walks of life, different ethnic backgrounds, different perspectives about food. But they share an enthusiasm for the food of the South. These folks are the out-and-about type, and they serve on the Eat Squad as volunteers. They dine wherever they would dine ordinarily. They pay for their own meals and the restaurant only knows the Eat Squad was there when they find a calling card left with the paid bill, reading “You’ve been reviewed by The Eat Squad. Go to www.eatitandlikeit.com.”

Those of us here at Eat It and Like It are thrilled to have this panel of foodies on board and cannot wait to see what they have to say about the cuisine here in the South.  Good or bad, we’ll share it with you and then you can decide whether you want to go there and Eat It and Like It!