Eat It and Like It – Lasagna Recipe

I don’t share recipes as much as I used to. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any to share, it just means we are usually busy with other stuff. I do get asked every once in a while if I actually cook. I do. Certainly not as much as I used to, but I do. I like to tinker with things. As in: make something every week for a month until I feel like I got it right then move on. I’ve been known to make a dish until I love it then not touch it again for five years. It happens.

All of that said, I’ve been playing with a lasagna recipe lately. It’s absolutely not my own. I did find it on the internet. I tweaked it, toyed with it and moved a few things around. For example, I rendered bacon fat out before I added the sausage and ground beef (yes, I did half sausage half ground beef). I love what bacon fat does for onions as opposed to just plain olive oil. I also left out the spinach and only because I forgot to buy some. Otherwise, it would have been great. I am a HUGE fan of lasagna in individual ramekins. I rarely make it that way, but love the individuality of it.

Something to keep in mind as we get into some chilly winter months. It really is a fantastic recipe. You can find it by clicking here.

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