Eat It and Like It is a 2013 Emmy Nominee!

So many stories out there of people building dreams on the back of a cocktail napkin.  Sometimes those napkins get tossed, others they get saved, nurtured, babied, watered, fed and grown.  Thank goodness we chose that route.

We are having the time of our lives with Eat It and Like It.  We have grown more than we ever thought we would in the first two years of our existence.  To have two EMMY Award nominations under our belts for a show that is less than eighteen months old is miraculous as well as quite an honor.

That said, all of this is the result of lots of hard work.  Not just by me, but by my business partner Senea Crystal, Videographer Trevor Butts and Videographer/Editor Joshua Jasso.  It’s also due to the support of many many sponsors.  Including some who believed in it when all I had to show them was that cocktail napkin.

No, we haven’t won anything yet.  That will hopefully get checked off at a banquet in Atlanta on June 8th.  Being part of exclusive company for a second straight year is something that we don’t take at all lightly.   The respect of our peers is something that means more to me than anyone will know.

See you on TV,

Jesse Blanco

Eat It Logo Green

Eat It and Like It launched in Savannah, Georgia with television personality Jesse Blanco as the host. His passion for food and travel has made Eat It and Like It a two-time EMMY nominated program about contemporary and traditional Southern food.


  •' Beth Donnelly says:

    I love your show. I also love sushi and sashimi! My dad was in shipping beginning in the mid 1950’s. A business partner from Japan fixed sushi for us at our home and I was hooked! I think I may have been 5yo. No sushi bars back then. Hated waiting for Mr. Doti to visit to have more sushi.
    Best of luch to you & the crew!

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