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Game Watching Bars for 2014

Game Bars Collage

Game Bars CollageWhile I am well aware of the fact that I am not alone in this regard, I can be really strange when it comes to watching a football game. The bigger the game, the more I want to be alone. I mean alone. I have, at times, shut down all communication during a game. Social media, the phones off, even blacked out windows for privacy. Well, not really on that last part, but it does sound like a great idea. The more focus required, the less likely I am to acknowledge another human being during a game. That’s not insanity. Not at all. It’s football. There are, however, plenty of times during the fall when I am in search of a television for a game where the stakes aren’t as high. Sometimes I’ll go to my secret spot and have a steak. Rachel is always awesome behind the bar, the TV is plenty big and I’m happy. Beyond that, where the good spots are to watch a game (or three) depends really on what you like. I get asked pretty regularly who has a good set of TVs for game watching and my answers usually depend on how good the food is. You could have 3,000 TVs, if you’re food isn’t any good, or worse yet, bad only on busy game days, then I’m likely to recommend something else. Well here they are, our top 4 spots (in no particular order) to watch a game in the area, with a couple of honorable mentions thrown in.

**Dub’s Pub – 225 West River Street  Sitting down at the western end of River Street is one of my favorite hideouts. Dubs has plenty of televisions, great seating (even a few recliners) but the best part for me is the food. The burger is outstanding, as are the pork belly tacos and the chorizo tacos. My friend swears by the pastrami sandwich. I haven’t tried that yet, but the sweet potato fries dipped in house made jalapeno ranch dressing are a great snack. And I don’t even like ranch dressing. You can find Dubs at the bottom of that stairwell that has its own Facebook page. No kidding. One other spot on River Street is The Warehouse. Cold beer, great wings. A good spot, if you don’t mind walking out of there smelling like a fried chicken.

**The Distillery – 416 West Liberty Street  The Distillery doesn’t have the largest collection of TVs in town, but they do have a nice (read: not overcrowded) atmosphere. Their selection of beers is probably the most creative in town. Be forewarned, they are serious about their beer. How serious? They don’t serve Budwieser, no Corona, no Miller, no Coors. If you don’t drink those? You are in luck. Deep Fried Moon Pie is a hit here.

**Flip Flops Tiki Bar & Grill – 117 Whitaker Street  Your best chance to get to the beach without leaving downtown Savannah. Lots of TVs. Lots of good food. The burger is made with the same Hunter Cattle Company Beef that Green Truck Pub uses, so you know it is good. I’ve enjoyed several meals here. Black beans were very good as well. Ask about the Casey Jones “Easy Like Sunday Morning” Burger. If they make you one, you are in for a treat.

**McDonough’s – 21 East McDonough Street  Savannah’s Best Karaoke Bar should not be overlooked for a spot to watch games. Saturdays or Sundays. The food is good (wings are the way to go here) and the beer is always cold. There is plenty of space for everyone-before the crooners roll in. McDonough’s is a popular spot with the downtown crowd because parking is much easier to find on that end of the “district” than anywhere near city market. That said, it’s also a great place to park for a game or two.

Before you start yelling about the ones I didn’t mention, that was for good reason. Coaches Corner, Wild Wings Café in City Market and B&D Burgers are all great places to watch a game. The courtyard at B&D is fantastic for the biggest games. However, most of us know about those. No tour guide needed there. World of Beer is not on the list (though they have the BEST collection of screens in the city) because they don’t serve food. You are, however, allowed to bring in whatever you want to eat from anywhere else. Other options if you are trying to avoid the big crowds? The Arches bar alongside The Olde Pink House is a secret hideout I enjoy for a game. Crystal Beer Parlor has limited TVs but the food is great as well. Good luck and may the best team win.




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