Broughton Street’s New Doughnut Shop

From the better to be lucky than punctual department:

We’ve been eyeing the build out on a brand spankin’ new doughnut and biscuit shop on Savannah’s Broughton Street the last few weeks.  10 West to be precise. There has been a lot of work. A lot of construction. A lot of dust. Well, it is beginning to settle and hot and fresh doughnuts all day long are just days away from being a regular fixture downtown Savannah. Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts are here.

I decided to pop in on the space located just next door to the very popular Chive restaurant and found some testing being done. One of the two gentlemen inside was Shane Johnson, the owner of this brand new franchise spot. You can call me Jesse-on-the-spot because I walked in just in time to try the first doughnuts ever made in this new space. How about them apples?

“I wanted to come back to Savannah to do something, but I wasn’t sure what.” Shane told me. He’s a graduate of Bible Baptist School and had been attending SCAD Atlanta. “I met the guys from Rise, came down here and looked around and saw that Downtown Savannah didn’t have a doughnut shop. So it was easy.”

The doughnuts are fabulous and will be made from scratch all day long during business hours. 7am until 2pm seven days a week. 15 different flavors at any time. There will also be fresh made biscuits coming out of the oven every 30 minutes. You can have a traditional biscuits with jelly or butter in the morning or try any of the biscuit sandwiches they will serve all day as well.

The menus at any of their 12 locations vary around the country. The chain is in early stages with Savannah becoming their 13th location. In the biscuit department you can expect to see a Buffalo Chicken Biscuit with blue cheese and celery shavings or a Fried Green Tomato with Pimento Cheese and Arugula. Yes, on a biscuit.

The nature of the donuts are more “Krispy Kreme” than they are anything fancy or gourmet. The price reflects that. Plain glazed will set you back 95 cents. And yes, you can spend a lot more from there if you’d like. The biscuit sandwiches will hover around $6.00

So, when? There will be a ‘soft open’ and ribbon cutting on Friday, June 30th. They’ll open full steam ahead for the masses on Saturday morning, July 1st at 7am.

Yeah, you’ll Eat It and Like It.

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