An Update of The Florence

I tweet, therefore, I am.

It seems like we’ve seen that before.  Seriously though, now-a-days, when a big event is on the horizon, it doesn’t seem like it is enough to roll out a few press releases, hold a press conference for a bunch of guys wearing fedoras with “press” cards in them and then watch them run to pay phones (remember those?) to file their stories.  In a digital world you see more of a slow drip of information to create some buzz before a shoe drops.  Or in this case, a restaurant opens.

There’s been some movement this week with information regarding the opening of “The Florence”, celebrity chef Hugh Acheson’s Italian restaurant coming to Savannah this Spring.  First some new artist renderings popped up in Atlanta Magazine, now The Florence has stepped out into the “Twitterverse” with it’s official handle @TheFlorenceSAV and a logo featuring an American Clipper Ship above the words “The Florence.”  Is this the final logo?  Time will tell, but it’s pretty clear that everything is slowly but surely coming together behind the scenes.

Chef Hugh tells Atlanta Magazine that the menu is still in the works, but for the most part the plan is still the same as he told Eat It and Like It back in November during the Savannah Food and Wine Festival.  They want to appeal to everyone.  You can come in early for a cup of coffee and a quick bite or you can enjoy a high end meal in the evening and everything in between.  The approach is similar to Acheson’s other restaurants in Athens and Atlanta.  There is really nothing stuffy about them.  Although if you wanted to (pardon my celebrity chef cross-pollination) “kick things up a notch” you can have a top notch meal with some high end wines.  Acheson is very excited about the wine and bar program as well.  You can expect great things there too.  His restaurant 5&10 in Athens was just nominated as a “Outstanding Wine Program” by the James Beard Foundation.  Only the highest honor you can get.  That doesn’t mean expensive.  That means quality.

For now, we wait.  Wait for the drip, drip, drip of information.  Not to say “Team Acheson” is holding back on information.  Hardly, they’ve been accommodating to anyone interested enough to ask a question.  Which we have plenty and will have more as we get closer to their planned May opening.  For now, we can cling to a logo and/or always stay connected via Twitter.  Apparently Ellen Degeneres didn’t break it at the Oscars after all.

See you on TV,


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