Eating and Liking Around Town


Funny thing since I became the “Foodie Guy” (I always was but people didn’t know it). I get asked all the time. And I mean ALLL the time, “Hey, I have a friend in town, we are looking for somewhere to eat that (insert description).” I get asked once a week easily. So that said, I am going to keep this little notepad of a list here on the website of places I enjoy and suggestions you may not have thought of. Keep in mind there are some institutions in Savannah like the Olde Pink House…but you already knew about them right? We are attempting to go off the beaten path a little.

Breakfast/Brunch – B. Matthew’s Eatery or Aquastar at the Westin if you are looking to splurge. It is very much worth every dime.

Quick Bite – Zunzi’s Take Out Gourmet. The line out front will tell you why. Owned by a South African couple. The menu ranges from meatloaf to salmon sandwiches. Great stuff.

Lunch – The Jepson Cafe at the Jepson Center for the Arts at the Telfair Museum. The city’s most beautiful setting for a great meal. 

“Fancy Shmancy” Dinner – Garibaldi’s, Local 11ten, Sapphire Grill, Vic’s on the River. Any one of those four will wow you. There are others that are wonderful, but I would start there.

Casual Dinner – Crystal Beer Parlor. Seriously. Huge menu and all of it is wonderful. Green Truck Pub as well.

Cocktails/Nightcap – Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. All. Night. Long.