3 Things to Eat and Like in Savannah

I have to laugh sometimes because I am regularly asked what I am eating. Even if I am not at that moment – eating. The biggest laugh was that time I was asked what I eat at home. I don’t think he was expecting me to say “Actually, I’ve been on a roasted broccoli kick lately.” Because he followed up with “You also eat a lot of beans, right?” Yes, I am Hispanic. Let’s just make an effort to leave the stereotypes at the door. Even if we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week. Which, for the record, is not Mexican Independence Day. Please make a note of it.

I suppose “What are you eating?” is a variation on “What is good out there right now?” People always want to know about good food, of course, and I am more than glad to share what I learn along the way. That is why we are here right? I do have to tell you, there is a lot of average-at-best food out there. I regularly tell people I eat a lot of bad food in search of good food. No complaints here, it is part of the gig. But as you know by now, we don’t bag on the bad. Never have. Instead, we highlight the good. So I thought I’d pause for a minute from the story telling to share a few things I’ve been Eating and Liking lately. If you haven’t tried them, well then it is high time.

**Green Fire Pizza – Savannah’s newest downtown pizza spot on Drayton Street at Perry. Greenfire bills itself as an organic pizza joint. It is a good looking location with only outdoor seating. It will look a lot better once the Perry Lane Hotel is completed right next door. I’ve had the pies a couple of times now and the one thing that jumps out at me is the taste. The freshness is there. They serve beer and wine as well, which is a plus when you are hanging out with some pizza. Truthfully, I’m a city guy, always have been, so I love the bustle that comes with sitting along the Drayton Street Speedway eating pizza. A lot of others are enjoying it as well. Definitely worth a visit. There is no website, only a Facebook page for now.

**Tuna Tartare at The Wyld Dock Bar – There are a lot of dishes to enjoy at The Wyld Dock Bar. I have no trouble saying it is one of my favorites to sit outside and enjoy. I recently had the Tuna and absolutely loved it. I have had it before, liked it every time. The last time I had it, was probably the best it had been. Chef/Owner Tony Seichrist changes up the preparation time and again which keeps it interesting, but one thing you can always count on is freshness. Tony opened The Wyld with the idea to get as much fresh seafood as he could. He’s going out in his boat every morning pulling crab traps. If he can get the licensing in order, he might just spend his morning fishing and his afternoon’s and evening serving his catch. Lucky you.

**A Squad Bake Shop Doughnuts – These doughnuts are becoming somewhat legendary in Savannah. We featured Natasha Gaskill on our show a couple of weeks ago. You can watch the episode here. She’s supplying desserts for a couple of different restaurants in town, which are fantastic, but the doughnuts are a special weekend treat. So special are they, that only a handful of places in Savannah carry them on Friday and Saturday mornings. Usually they are the same flavors both days. Whether it be her standard glazed doughnut, maple bars, the strawberry pie doughnut or cinnamon sugar twists, these things are worth fight over. So

A Squad Bake Shop’s Strawberry Pie Donuts

much so, I popped in to PERC Coffee a couple of Saturdays ago just before 10am. Natasha was just leaving the shop after her delivery. More than half of the doughnuts she delivered were gone. I think employees are snapping them up as well. Or at the very least setting aside what they want to Eat and Like. Seriously though, you can find them ONLY Friday and Saturday mornings at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop, PERC Coffee, or The Collins Quarter.  Once again, it’s worth repeating, she does not have a storefront of her own yet. She will soon. For now it’s those spots we just mentioned or you miss out, which is a tragedy. Believe me.

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